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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Affordable Computing Instance with Full Root Access (Full Virtualization | 100% Fast SSD Included | Quick Provisioning)




4 vCPU Cores
200 GB SSD
200 Mbit/s Port
1 Snapshot
32 TB Traffic*
Unlimited Incoming
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6 vCPU Cores
400 GB SSD
or 100 GB NVMe
400 Mbit/s Port
2 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic*
Unlimited Incoming
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8 vCPU Cores
800 GB SSD
or 200 GB NVMe
600 Mbit/s Port
3 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic*
Unlimited Incoming
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10 vCPU Cores
1.6 TB SSD
or 400 GB NVMe
1 Gbit/s Port
4 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic*
Unlimited Incoming
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Best thing about our VPS? Price efficiency! Starting from very low price you get your own virtual server with an operating system of your choice and full root access. A Virtual Private Server is a great way to get an independent computing instance at an unmatched price point.

100% NVMe SSD Storage

Virtual Dedicated Servers would not be complete without the fastest storage on the market: NVMe SSD. We use disks only from high-quality suppliers to provide cutting edge performance and high IOPS rate. Additionally, up to 2 additional disks can be added to further extend the available storage.

Quick Provisioning

Every day we provision hundreds of VPS with an average time of 20 minutes. Make sure to pay for Virtual Private Server with credit card so that we can provision it right away without waiting for money to arrive.

Dedicated CPU & RAM

Virtual Dedicated Servers run in a virtualized environment (just like VPS), but unlike Virtual Private Servers, each Virtual Dedicated Server gets a certain number of physical CPU cores permanently assigned for your exclusive use. The same is true for RAM which is also exclusively reserved for each instance and not shared with anyone.

No Extra Cost For Transfer

Unlike some of our competitors, we will never charge you extra for incoming or outgoing transfer on your Virtual Private Server. 32 TB of transfer is already included in each VPS package.

Quick Provisioning

Virtual Dedicated Server is the quickest way to get a powerful computing instance with Contabo. You can get an instance comparable with many Dedicated Servers in the time that it takes to provision a VPS.

Full Virtualization

Our Virtual Private Servers are virtualized on hardware level. This means that you get full benefits of the hardware components used to build the server which is hosting your VPS. This pays off in a better performance.

Hyper-threading Included

You can utilize the advantages of Hyper-threading (HT) or - to be more precise - simultaneous multithreading (SMT) with your Virtual Dedicated Server at no extra cost. That means each physical core which comes with your VDS can support 2 threads and act as 2 virtual CPUs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Snapshots work?

Our High-Performance VPS series offers you the possibility to create so-called “Snapshots” of your system. This means that the current state of your system is saved and stored. This is a useful tool which allows you to run risk-free updates of apps or install new software on your system. In case you encounter any issues afterwards, you can easily “roll back” your system to its previous state. You can perform a Snapshot yourself through your Customer Control Panel by clicking the “Create Snapshot” button. If you want to reset your system at a later point in time, simply click the “Rollback”-icon.

Can I virtualize my VPS?

No, our Virtual Private Servers do not support nested virtualization. Should you need to run your own virtual machines, you can order one of our Dedicated Servers or our Virtual Dedicated Servers.

What is the difference between Storage VPS and High-Performance VPS?

When you opt for a Storage VPS you get a virtual server with a standard hard-disk (HDD) and an additional SSD boost. Consequently, you receive a lot of Storage space for your data and at the same time the SSD boost ensures that your VPS Operating System works faster. Compared to ordinary VPS without SSD, our servers offer you a much quicker access to your data. In our High-Performance VPS series, we only use the latest solid-state drives (SSDs), which are much faster than standard hard-disks (HDDs). As a result, the performance of your VPS increases significantly since Operating System and all your data is stored on SSDs only and can be handled with a much better read-write speed.

Can I change the specification of my VPS?

You can select one of the models available on our website. Beyond that the hardware specifications of our VPS cannot be customized or changed. Should you need a custom configuration consider a Virtual Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server.

Can I upgrade to a different VPS plan later?

Yes, you can easily upgrade to a bigger VPS plan through your Customer Control Panel. Simply go to the administration of your VPS, click on “Manage” and select “Upgrade VPS” from the drop-down menu. The next steps are explained there in detail. Should you wish to switch to a smaller plan, we recommend to purchase it through your Customer Control Panel, transfer all data from your existing VPS to it and then mark your VPS for cancellation. In case you need assistance with this process, kindly get in touch with our Customer Support Department.

Which Operating Systems are available for my VPS?

The choice is yours: Select from a wide range of popular Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and many others) and Windows Server. Since we do not believe in offering pre-configured bundles but let you configure your server according to your needs, the Windows license fee is added to your monthly VPS fee only if you choose this Operating System. The amount charged depends on the size of your VPS.

Do you offer Control Panels for an easy administration of my VPS?

Yes, we offer cPanel and Plesk admin panels at extra cost, as well as Webmin which is available free of charge. At Contabo, we exclusively offer you to try Plesk one month for free with our VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers! Should it not suit your needs, simply cancel it before the end of the first month through your Customer Control Panel and there will be no fee charged for it! You can order your preferred panel directly with your VPS or later by contacting our customer support via e-mail.